About Us

Production Capacity

JSC has a pilot base for developing electronic products, including:

  • A dust-free computer room;
  • An automatic welding production line;
  • Supporting equipment for processing, assembling, testing and debugging electronic products;
  • A full surface-mount technology (SMT) assembly line for drying and storing components, soldering pretreatment, printing solder paste on printed circuit board (PCB), automatic surface mounting, automatic soldering, automatic cleaning and automatic visual inspection;
  • A series of supporting equipment for processing and assembling electronic products, including laser marker, laser wire stripper, automatic winding inserter, terminal crimping machine, through-hole rework station, fully automatic burn-in room and electromagnetic shielding room.

The pilot base is capable of mounting RC (resistor-capacitor) components of 0201 package size and IC (integrated circuit) devices in BGA, μBGA and QFN packages. It is also capable of producing and debugging various types of intricate single-boards and products including analog audio, analog video, 1GHz high-speed digital signals, and analogue or digital wireless signals below 3GHz.

In order to meet the growing demands, our company has set up a machining & production base fitted up with various types of precision machining equipment, including horizontal/vertical boring and milling machining center, turning and milling center, high-speed bar lathes, grinders of various types, honing machines and thermal deburring machines. These equipment applies general machining techniques like boring-milling, drilling, grinding, honing and turning-milling. The highest precision of manufacturing components is no more than 2um; the above-mentioned equipment can handle machining of common non-ferrous and ferrous metals and three-dimensional design and machining.

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